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Kind of lost in quarantine, I guess Yeah, I&&9;ve raised them all down in my notebook So I&&9;m gonna have to look through that during the blog The first way you can make money is to sell your old stuff You can sell them on deep hop eBay, pop over to this web-site,, there are lots of websites where you can do this So it&&9;s really easy to sell your old clothes that don&&9;t figure you don&&9;t want anymore And number two is two young kids.

I know Like younger kids in you McQueen. Ooga. I knew this one&&9;s a bit hard to do So you&&9;ll have to promise me to set it up online which is harder because You&&9;re because people already kind of have their teachers to eat it or something like that so yeah, I but I know some people make it because some people like Settings and work like graduates that well so they made me my details The number two is I know you should help around the house But I mean you could do like loads more towards than you&&9;re supposed to And then you could get ready for it like dude Clean the garden now Number four is I knew this website with everything that you take photos and then it gives me like Money, I mean it gives you money On your faces, which is quite good be creative.

I think it&&9;s Called Pope I&&9;ll insert a picture of it The fifth one is I knew this one was very hard. You have to get a lot of surprises, but you could it kinda made Hand side because that quite easily looks people do you have centers? They&&9;re not as easy to get and some people need to go shopping and hang time Number six is to sell art.

I&&9;m not sure if you could do this now, but maybe after coins in and you could practice And yeah, you could just sell it And yeah so some people do I prefer to put a really good at it and they might be thinking of selling that so That&&9;s an idea number seven is and like make a service like make a needed service so like buying Needed things and giving to like, I don&&9;t know because some people like ugly It&&9;s more like proof. They move people pray to get crew So you could make service where you buy stuff for them as they paid you I don&&9;t know You might have to look into that more.

But I know yeah, that&&9;s just an idea of service number eight and This is quite similar to that hand side one, but you could sell like trivia 19 masks You just order a bunch on Amazon and sell them I know some of them are really good in Veda filters, so that would do really well so you order the masks that have filters and Yep, and sell them which will do really well and number nine makes screeches and sell them I knew this one&&9;s very hard and I think you might need to learn how to sew stuff first Yeah, I I thought this woman was a really good one I wanted to do this at one point not just not to make money But like I thought it would be fun to learn and Serve mix cream cheese.

So yeah number 10 the soup I know this one&&9;s very very very weird, but you can sell a toilet. Well, such paper roll because People are running out and it&&9;s very precious to people because now they hardly get toilet wrong picture. So You might want to sell these things Yeah, so nice and these are my ten ideas of how to make money.

It&&9;s a tiered I hope this helped you if it did, please give a thumbs up And if it didn&&9;t please comment down below more ways to help me clean esteem for other people looking at how to leave looking for how to make money as a team and also guys check out in my blog for more information