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More recently, in 2012, the AICPA partnered with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) to create the designation Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). On the other hand, although the collective expertise of a larger practice may exceed that of even a very talented advisor practicing on her own, it may be more difficult to ensure that your return is prepared personally by your advisor. You can be sure that a solo practitioner will be the one who actually prepares your returns, but it may be harder to reach the advisor during the height of tax season, and the advisor may find it difficult to get a second opinion on tricky issues or issues outside her core areas of expertise. The money you save can come to use in buying wrapping papers for gifts, or may be for bringing the sweets. Of course, an advisor who knowingly takes an improper position on a tax return will face consequences, but it is your return, and you can too.

Return on Life addresses the heart of what a person wants to achieve in their lifetime, whether that’s to retire by 50, create a non-profit to give back, ensure the family’s financial stability for the next generation or just to secure a carefree retirement. To the extent of the grantors generation skipping Tax Advisor Minneapolis exemption, there would be no generation skipping taxes due. Finally, maintaining the security of your personal information is more important than ever these days, and the inputs for your taxes is some of the most sensitive information you have. Make sure that you ask about how the tax advisor stores your personal information and what methods she uses to communicate with you regarding sensitive topics. There will always be some risk of data breaches, but a good tax advisor will take steps to safeguard your information. Rather, you should take a longer term view, recognizing that good, personalized tax advice can help you to structure your financial life in a tax-efficient way that can pay dividends for years to come.

Having a tax advisor prepare your returns does not take away your responsibility for the accuracy of your tax return. If the advisor suggests taking a position on a tax return that strikes you as overly aggressive (because it is not grounded in your actual financial situation) or if you simply do not understand something the advisor is saying, make sure to ask, and keep asking until you are satisfied with the answer. Ultimately, when it comes to cost, your goal should not be solely to minimize your combined out of pocket cost to the IRS and your advisor for this year’s tax return. The best cost structure is one where the tax advisor charges for her time or for the specific forms that the advisor completes and files. For other less common situations, however, you’ll want an advisor with specific experience. This is common in divorce proceedings, bankruptcies, and business mergers/acquisitions/splits.

Of course, there are certain common issues that every good advisor should know: for example, how to maximize the value and efficacy of your charitable contributions, how to weigh the tax tradeoffs between renting and owning a home, or how to save money for or gift money to family members. The leaders should communicate with the team members about any kind of layoffs or furloughs. CPA Exam Guy: This website offers visitors links to and discounts on popular certified public accountant exam preparation courses. Tax preparation services are a low margin business (particularly with the competition that tax preparers face from low cost software), but you can expect to pay more for tax planning services or advice. By paying for the advice itself and not a particular outcome, this cost arrangement properly aligns the incentives between your tax advisor and you. The final issue you’ll want to think about is cost.