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Linen is basically fiber from the plants.

This tells you how durable the business cards are. A good business card is a good marketing strategy for any company or business. While your business card cannot contain everything to do with your company you can simply add the important pieces of information. The little information you put on your card should create a perfect first impression when the card is handed to your potential customers.


The line business cards for your company should be of good designs to match the linen. If you liked this article and you simply would like to get more info pertaining to پروژه افتر افکت nicely visit our web page. There is simply no standard business card design so you will have to customize or personalize the design depending on your company.

For example, if you happen to be a technician what will be ideal is an official black on white linen. When you are formulating the design you should also focus on your main aims. Here are some of the aims that you should consider and how they should be on your business card:

Simple Cards

Your linen business card can be printed in black or plain white ink to make it as simple as possible.
Cream is also a simple color. A simple business card is essential when all you need from your card is utility and nothing more. Simplicity is also a no-nonsense approach which can easily catch a potential client’s attention. With the simple design for your linen card information is concise, factual and clear.

Responsive Cards

You can also make your linen business card to be a responsive one.

Already the use of linen for your business card shows that you are not ordinary at all. Go ahead and tell it all with the designs. Make your card have nice edges, embossing, shapes and folds. You will certainly have to pay a bit more for your perfectly responsive linen cards because they are nonstandard.

Photo Business Cards

These are business cards which have a photo of you on it.
Usually a photo is preferred when you want potential clients or customers to remember your face when they look at the card. Freshening up their memories helps with the identity concept for ease of communication. It is important that you use color photo on your linen business cards.

Versatile Cards

These are cards which serve many purposes at the same time.

They have been dubbed the premium business cards because you can include more information pieces like promotions, discounts or more. You can also have it that customers who have the business card will get service or goods at fairly cheaper prices.
The idea behind business card versatility is outside the box. It draws more attention and gets you what you want even though it has been regarded extravagant and exclusive. Most business people have in the past opted to customize their linen cards to make them more versatile.