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Writers Mutiny at All Rise, the Rare CBS Show With a Black Female Lead. Five have left the drama, whose white show runner, Greg Spottiswood, had disputes with the staff over its depictions of race and gender. He kept his job after reviews by human resources. Soccer Played Through the Pandemic. Now It Has to Do It All Again. Strict rules and player sacrifices allowed Europes leagues to complete their schedules. But the coronavirus hasnt abated, and the new season brings new risks. Apple stock nears record high. Apple stock is less than $1 away from its all-time high amid renewed optimism for the iPhone. RNC Night 2 Watch the Moments That Mattered. It was all a blur (of lines not usually crossed) Two of our reporters break down highlights from the second night of the Republican National Convention. Whats on TV Thursday Bill Ted and An Easy Girl. With a sequel coming soon, revisit Bill Teds Excellent Adventure. Or watch the latest film from the French director Rebecca Zlotowski on Netflix. From Kristen Bell in Frozen II to the Glow Up final and Dead StillThe best on demand TV this week. Just when children - and, let's face it, many adults - finally got the catchy tune Let It Go out of their heads, along came this sequel. 16 years How old is Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones Do you have to file an extension for taxes 2020 and What is the prettiest beach in Key West What is the cars section of the MCAT stuck in solitary confinement 23 hours a day because of coronavirus. John spent his 16th birthday the same way he's spent every day during the UK's Covid-19 lockdown alone in a cell for 23 hours, with no visits, no internet and few phone calls. He is one of hundreds of children locked up in UK prisons, the forgotten casualties of Covid-19. Outdoor Medicine for the Play-Starved Soul. Pairing Molire and Millay for a socially distanced audience, Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey offers light entertainment just when we need it. Vodafone and HMRC. I suggested last week that Vodafone came to an arrangement with HMRC to avoid 6 billion in tax. In fact, Vodafone and HMRC settled on agreed terms, which included a 1.25 billion payment by Vodafone. My apologies. U.S. Presses Other Muslim Nations to Establish Ties With Israel. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Sudan and Bahrain, and an American delegation will accompany Israelis on the first direct commercial flight between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. I Attended Boys State, and Survived. I learned a lot from my time in the youth civics program namely that I dont want to commit my life to electoral politics. EasyJet passengers flying from Gibraltar forced to quarantine after they were put up in Spain hotel. EasyJet's flight from Gibraltar was rescheduled due to poor weather conditions but hotel rooms were full so Brits had to find their own hotel room or fend for themselves. Builder, 58, gets workmates to pull out his teeth with PLIERS. Machine operator Phil Bailey, 58, from Castleford, West Yorkshire, has been enlisting the help of his colleagues to pull his teeth from his mouthing using a pair of pliers. How many real tattoos does Jason Momoa have What tribe is Gilead judges responded to warnings about ammonium nitrate stored at the Beirut port. Newly released documents suggest multiple government agencies in Lebanon were informed about ammonium nitrate being housed at a warehouse in Beirut port, including Who does the Phantom kill in Phantom of the Opera Can you tell if someone has accessed your iPhone Ministry of Justice. Newly-promoted La Liga side Elche 'want Diego Maradona to take over as boss'. Elche earned their spot in Spain'd top flight after emerging victorious in the Segunda play-offs, beating both Real Zaragoza and Girona, but immediately sacked head coach Jose Rojo Pacheta. 3 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now. Galleries and museums are getting creative about presenting work online during the pandemic. Some are open for in-person visits. Here are shows worth viewing either way. 6 highlights from the RNC, Night 2 Melania, the Trump family, did anyone say COVID? Analysis Trump came under fire for using government resources to promote his reelection campaign. Mariah Carey Calls for Action, and 12 More New Songs. Hear tracks by Phoenix, Angel Olsen, Bebel Gilberto and others. Republicans' fake feminism might have worked. If the first night of the Republican National Convention was about letting the Trump team's unhinged flag fly, night two was an attempt to leverage Trumpworld women to send a message of sanity and compassion. The scary thing is, it might have worked. Face masks must be worn walking along beach in Tenerife and Lanzarote and Ibiza pool parties banned. Brits visiting the Canary Islands, including Tenerife and Lanzarote, will now have to wear masks on the beach as the regional government reinforces coronavirus safety regulations. Comfort Viewing 3 Reasons I Love Melrose Place. When did everything get so serious? This 90s prime-time soap was sensational in every sense. If Twitter Users Could Vote. The service analyzed messages surrounding Oscar nominees, looking at context as well as mentions, and found "Selma" would get best picture if tweets counted.

Yankees Cool Off in a Heated Series Against the Rays. An injury to Giancarlo Stanton and three narrow losses to a division rival over the weekend slowed some of the Yankees early momentum. Alabama Reopening Universities as Virus Looms. The state is betting its robust student testing and technology program will be enough to hinder campus outbreaks, even as universities in other states abruptly close.