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It is no secret that an aesthetically pleasing workplace will boost the motivation levels and thus the work-rate of employees. One way to ensure your business is operating to its optimum therefore is to install suspended ceilings London. A suspended ceiling is essentially a secondary ceiling that is hung below the structural ceiling. They are commonly found in modern constructions and are generally used to conceal pipes, wires and ductwork etc. While a suspended ceiling will essentially decrease the space in a room, ceiling tiles such as mirrored or reflective tiles can help to make the room look bigger by maximising natural light.

Beautiful light reflecting suspended ceilings can enhance the natural light of the room, and therefore reduce the need for additional fittings. Used extensively in commercial buildings, as well as schools, hospitals and buildings with high roofs to provide increased energy efficiency. They will reduce electricity bills and make your property more appealing visually. Lowering the height of a ceiling in a property naturally reduces the amount of space that needs to be heated - and therefore lowers your fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Suspended ceilings are perfect for humid environments such as kitchens, as humidity resistant ceiling tiles can be utilised. This ceiling type is also popular in hospitals, as special anti-microbial ceiling tiles can be fitted to combat infections and stop bacteria and mould from multiplying.

They are also useful for hiding wiring, piping or any unattractive building work on the existing ceiling. These can be accessed easily however if there is a problem, unlike in traditional ceilings types.

Acoustic ceiling tiles will help to reduce the levels of noise pollution present in the workplace. These soundproofing solutions are ideal in blocking out excessive sound that can affect the concentration levels of employees, and thus their productivity. They can consist of acoustic hangers or an independent suspended ceiling.

Your suspended ceiling can even be completed with a few attractive finishing touches and accessories added, such as light fittings and decorations. Quality suspended ceilings London and ceiling tiles suppliers will only install products from the leading manufacturers, including Armstrong, USG, Echophon, British Gypsum, Rockfon, Speedline, AMF, OWG and Active.

Written by Danielle Ingram on behalf of CJ Ceilings & Son, specialists in . Danielle Ingram, Content Writer for Creare specialists.