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After the company was initially opened, the proprietor marketed his business by walking door to door to both personal homes and retail stores. Soon, as a result of excellent, professional, friendly service and superb quality of our work, many people were calling us for all of their carpet cleaning and repair requirements.

Insurance companies and decorators also were advocating our firm to customers for support on their damaged and/or soiled carpeting.
Bagdad has always worried customer satisfaction ! We enjoy our unique cleaning plant, which hasn't been equaled for this day. We continue trying to optimize and flawless our cleaning service and promote our professional customer relations. You may trust your fine rugs to our care.

The next generation of the family is now operating the company and they're continued to excel in all areas of customer satisfaction.
We will keep on serving all of our clients, old and new, and encouraging our company through our excellent quality of service into Houston and the surrounding areas in Texas.